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Digital Communications, 4th Edition

¥ 5,500
著 者:John Proakis
出 版:McGraw-Hill   /   2001年


  1. Introduction
  2. Probability and Stochastic Processes
  3. Source Coding
  4. Characterization of Communication Signals and System
  5. Optimum Receivers for the Additive White Gaussian Noise Channel
  6. Carrier and Symbol Synchronization
  7. Channel Capacity and Coding
  8. .Block and Convolutional Channel Codes
  9. Signal Design for Band-Limited Channels
  10. Communication Through Band-Limited Linear Filter Channels
  11. Adaptive Equalization
  12. Multichannel and Multicarrier Systems
  13. Spread Spectrum Signals for Digital Communications
  14. Digital Communications through Fading Multipath Channels
  15. Multiuser Communications

Appendix A The Levinson-Durbin Algorithm

Appendix B Error Probability for Multichannel Binary Signals

Appendix C Error Probabilities for Adaptive Reception of M-Phase Signals

Appendix D Square-Root Factorization

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Digital Communications, 4th Edition